How To Wash Your Hands

The CDC recommends five simple and effective steps to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others [See the Science]. 

  1. Wet: Use clean, running water.
  2. Lather: With soap can lift dirt, grease, and germs from skin.
  3. Scrub: With soap for at least 20-seconds to provide ample coverage and duration (see below).
  4. Rinse: Completely to get help rinse diet, grease and germs down the sink.
  5. Dry: Completely, as germs are transferred more easily to and from wet hands.

Scrub Up, Tune Up

However, not every scrub is created equal. In fact, many people are not washing their hands properly, leading to commonly missed areas on the hands, as shown in this image.11 

Here is how you can give your scrub up a tune up.

Follow these steps from the World Health Organization to ensure every nook and cranny that germs like to stick are covered.



You must wash for at least 20-seconds to allow time for you to reach all the hidden areas where germs like to hide, while giving the soap time to destroy the viruses. To help, you can sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice, or sing 20-30 seconds of your favorite song.

Or, try our 'Mingle Fingle Jingle' to help memorize, and teach others the handwashing steps. 

Water doesn't kill germs.
Soap does!

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